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This is some of the items that I feel are a great deal at Costco.  I also included some popular items that are not such a great deal but I thought a price comparison might be a nice thing (for example the Uncrustables.)

Since Costco sells bulk items, I tried to simplify by breaking things down to a price comparison for the sizes you would see in the grocery store.  I find it is much easier for me to understand if a 10ct box of waffles is a good deal then just looking at the price of a 60ct box of waffles.  I hope this is helpful for you as well.

These are all prices from my Costco store so I can’t guarantee that you will find the same deals at your store.  Many of these items seem to stay pretty consistent but I will do my best to keep things updated and to continue to add more things.


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  6. Love this! Would like to see more prices on the price list to compare with items that may be cheaper on Amazon such as diapers, wipes, TP.

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  8. Sverrir Kristjansson on said:

    Hi, I would like to know price for ready made lobster soup and fish soup, I can not at the moment get to one of your store because I’m in Iceland.

    Thank You,

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