Kirkland Brand Margarita Mix $9.99

by admin on May 6, 2013


Several of my friends have mentioned the Costco Golden Margarita mix to me.  I haven’t tried it before but I picked up a bottle for Cinco de Mayo.  As I was grabbing for a bottle, two other people that happened to be shopping were grabbing at bottles and saying how good this stuff is.

We had margaritas last night and I thought this was really yummy and that giant bottle is priced at $9.99!

The mix includes Gold Tequila, triple sec and margarita mix.  Just twist off the top and pour it over ice- super easy!

I will definitely keep this in the pantry for summer.  Very convenient for BBQs and other parties.

Next time you hit Costco you might keep an eye out.


2 comments on “Kirkland Brand Margarita Mix $9.99

  1. Vivian McAbee on said:

    My friend from Dallas brought a couple of bottles from the store in or near Flound TX – it was so good – I called our local store and they said they did not have it – Can you buy it on line – WOULD LOVE TO PURCHASE SOME – Just returned from her home and was able to enjoy the drink again – Would love to be able to buy it locally (Spartanburg SC). Respone appreciated – thanks

  2. Morgan Cartwright on said:

    The Cuervo Golden Margarita version of this uses Grand Marnier, which is two steps up from triple sec, and you can definitely taste it, but is it worth $8 more a bottle? Probably not after two or three! Costco comes through again!

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