Costco Optical Department Review

by admin on April 19, 2013


I have always found Costco to be a great place for contact lenses but I have never purchased glasses there before.

I wanted to share our experience this week and the prices we found.

It turns out my preschooler is in need of glasses- the selection is pretty small for glasses for little ones.  We started by going to optical services through our healthcare provider (Kaiser).

Our insurance plan doesn’t offer any benefits to purchase glasses for the children so this was a cash purchase.

We found a very tiny selection of frames and the frames we did find were $120.  We also had to pay $69 for the lenses so a total of $189 (yikes!)

I decided to check Costco before committing (and besides that the staff just couldn’t be ruder at Kaiser ).

So we stopped off at Costco and found they also had a fairly small selection but the frames were much more reasonably priced at $59 and the lenses were $49.    So $99 for a comparable pair of children’s glasses plus if you buy a second pair the same day you get an extra $30 off.

We decided to go ahead with a second pair and the total was $169- so 2 pairs for $20 less then one pair elsewhere.

I often hear people ask if a Costco membership is worth it and one thing to take into consideration is all the extra services they do offer.

A standard membership is $55 per year and in our case, we saved $90 on just one pair of eyeglasses.  So yup!  in our situation that membership really does pay for itself.

If you or your children wear glasses you might want to make a stop at the Optical Department and see what you find.  In addition to the savings, our glasses will be ready in one week instead of two.


3 comments on “Costco Optical Department Review

  1. Endcapps on said:

    I also have the same positive experience w/ Costco Optical :)
    My child & I get the eye exam @ Kaiser. We bring the prescription to Costco. For kids, especially, that extra pair is a lifesaver — my son has utilized the extra!
    Also, Costco Optical will tighten screws & readjust the fit for FREE …just stop by anytime at the counter & ask!

  2. Zipporah on said:

    Good to know! I will have my annual eye exam in about a month, and I love my doctor, but the cost to purchase glasses through the optometrist office is insane. This year, I’m going to just get the Rx and see what Costco can offer.

  3. I am a big Costco fan, had an eye exam and purchased 2 sets of glasses over a year ago. The problem is you cannot purchase lenses or new glasses past the year exam without having a new exam. The coating is wearing off, no problems with eyesight and they won’t replace the lenses at my expense. Other optical places will gladly make glasses for you but Costco wants to get the cost of the exam too. I’m going elsewhere for glasses!

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