Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds $14 for 32 ounces

by admin on March 29, 2013

I ran across Chia seeds and thought it seemed like a great deal.  You can get a 32 ounce bag for $13.99.  For a price comparison, this size is currently $21 on Amazon so a nice savings.

These little seeds are supposed to be really good for you.  They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and fiber. In fact, I recently saw an article in a magazine about chia seeds used in weight loss.

The seeds can be used in smoothies, yogurt, applesauce and more.  They also work as an egg replacement in things like muffins and cake.

You might look for them the next time you are at Costco.


8 comments on “Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds $14 for 32 ounces

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  2. Rachel k on said:

    Great chia seeds are awesome. Where are they located in Costco. I had a look in my local so cal Costco and couldn’t find them or the flaxseed. I asked a member of staff but he was a little clueless :) .

    • admin on said:

      Rachel- I saw them in that middle section where the spices are and the Bob’s Oats and the rice and stuff. I didn’t see them this last trip so I am thinking maybe they sold out fast. I checked at Trader Joes and a tiny bag of Chia seeds was $5 so I think this was really a great deal.

  3. Shannon on said:

    Chia seeds are VERY DANGEROUS I got an intestinal blockage my body went into toxic shock no medic nurse or dr could help me no bm for a week still passing seeds I have adema 15 lbs water weight omw to GI

  4. Lisa Chouinard on said:

    What state did you see them in?

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