Melamine 4pc Mixing Bowls with Lids $16

by admin on March 14, 2013

I just wanted to highlight them because they are pretty nice bowls for that price.  These bowls are great for the summer- we buy tons of melon and always wind up with several different Tupperware tubs to hold it all.

This is how the deal looks:

6 comments on “Melamine 4pc Mixing Bowls with Lids $16

  1. rachel on said:

    I bought these. They are really nice. They have a rubber ring on the bottom to keep from slipping and yes lids! They are so cute!

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  3. Troy Moore on said:

    How can I get these bowls?

    • admin on said:

      Troy, This was posted several months ago so unfortunately you are probably too late to get them. You can still check the next time you shop and see if you get lucky though!

  4. Michelle K on said:

    Do you know how I can get some of these bowls? I checked my local Costco and they dont have any more cause it was in March of this year. Thanks!

    • admin on said:


      Sorry but Costco rotates inventory all the time so I don’t think you can go back and get something if they don’t carry it anymore. The point of the blog is to showcase cool stuff I find in store and then you really do want to go and buy it as soon as you can. If you wait several months the item could be gone for good. ;)

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