Stretch Island Fruit Leather $7.89 (48ct)

by admin on February 1, 2013

Reader Shelly mentioned a nice discount on the Stretch Island fruit leather strips at her Costco.

I checked my store yesterday and discovered the same price!  This is the lowest I have ever seen this product so a great time to grab a box or two.

Get a 48ct box for $7.89 after instant discount.

That works out to .16 per strip.

Usually I post these when they hit about $12 for 30 ct.

You may not find the same discount at your store but certainly worth checking!

2 comments on “Stretch Island Fruit Leather $7.89 (48ct)

  1. Which Costco carries this? I called several Costco nearby Orange County and none has the fruit strips

    • Kim,

      I have found they go in and out of stock at my store. I see them probably half the time. I think if you are interested you might want to just check the candy and snack aisles when you shop and see if you spot them. I don’t have lists of which Costco stores have inventory on each item but typically these types of snacks are more readily available in the spring and summer.

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