Costco Food Court Nutritional Data (and Best Choices)

by admin on February 28, 2013

Well I figured I was interested in this info and thought you might be as well.

Are you tempted by that darn food court every time you shop Costco?  Me too!  The pizza, the ice cream bars, the churros… I am not even a soda drinker really and somehow I wind up with a soda when I shop (to wash down the pizza I guess.)

So if you are interested in what some of the calorie counts are for those yummy food court items I am listing them below.  These are according to Costco directly so they should be accurate:

  • Toasted turkey sandwich has 720 calories.
  • Ice Cream bar has 870 calories (no almonds is 663).
  • Churro has 470 calories.
  • Fruit smoothie has 290 calories.
  • Cheese pizza has 700 calories.
  • Combo pizza has 680 calories.
  • Pepperoni has 620 calories.
  •  Costco Hot Dog (plain) 570 calories.
  • Costco Mocha Latte 320 calories.
  • Frozen Yogurt- Vanilla or Swirl 390 calories.
  • Chicken Cesar Salad 670 calories.
  • Chicken Bake 770 calories.

Ack!  So basically I try to eat 1200-1700 calories per day (depending on my exercise routine) and the cheese pizza and smoothie would be almost my entire calorie allotment for the day.  I had an ice cream bar recently and I can’t believe that is almost 900 calories!  Just nuts.

The food is cheap and super yummy but you might consider cutting that portion size in half the next time you shop.   The smoothie is probably the best overall choice and pretty filling.

Don’t get fooled by the salad!  That is almost as many calories as the pizza!


8 comments on “Costco Food Court Nutritional Data (and Best Choices)

  1. KimH on said:

    I think there are just some folks who are stoppers and some who arent.. I’ve never bought anything from any place like BJs or Costco that had a snack bar.. I just want to get out of there & breeze right on by, though I’ve certainly looked at them a time or two. It helps that Im gluten intolerant, and most of what I see will cause me lots of physical pain.. and I shop alone.. If I had a man or a kid with me, Im sure we would have stopped. :)

  2. Mindi on said:

    Wow, these are horrible. I’d guess my kids or husband convince me we should eat there 90% of the time when we go to Costco. Actually stopped today and my kids had hotdogs and soda, I’m a sucker. I hate to give my kids soda but somehow the $1.50 hotdog meal suckers me too often. Next time I’m going to try and avoid the food court all together.

  3. Endcapps on said:

    So I finally made it to Costco and steered clear of the Food Court (thx) … but still consumed gazillion calories from the Sampling Stations! There was a free food sample on nearly every aisle, and I couldn’t resist!

  4. Annye on said:

    In an effort to defend the Chicken Caesar Salad I like:

    Most of those 670 calories are in the dressing. I think the salad itself — the romaine, the grape tomatoes, the chicken, and the Parmesan cheese — is only 195 calories. If you skip the croutons (also little calorie bombs) and use only a portion of the dressing, it really isn’t that bad for you.

  5. What about their latte, not the mocha one?

  6. Bonnie M. on said:

    I wonder how many calories the berry topping adds to the frozen yogurt?

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